The Sorting Hat Has Decided….

That I am a Ravenclaw!  I am ecstatic, to say the least.  While I think every Harry Potter fan wants to be in Gryffindor, deep down I have always known I was a Ravenclaw.  When Pottermore opened up to beta testers and I finally got my owl, I hesitated.  What if the Sorting Hat sorted me into Slytherin? Or Hufflepuff?  I had to be in Ravenclaw!

I actually put off being sorted for a few days.  I played around on Pottermore (which is PHENOMENAL.  Seriously.).  I read lots of extra writing from JK Rowling, learned a ton, and remembered how to play video games.  I admired the graphics and the effort that went into the website.  I shopped in Diagon Alley and received my wand from Ollivander’s-  Cypress with unicorn core, ten inches, hard.

And then is was time.  I couldn’t put it off any longer.  My husband was sorted into Ravenclaw, much to his chagrin.  He thinks he belongs in Slytherin.  But I sat down to take the quiz.  A few minutes later, I had my results.  Ravenclaw!


Anyone else sorted yet?

4 Responses

  1. I wanted to be in Slytherin and i ended up in Slytherin. Love how the sorting hat knows me so well! haha!

  2. Now I need to trade in all my green and silver for blue and bronze!

  3. I agree, the site is awesome! I’m also in Ravenclaw. I wish I didn’t rush through the fun so fast.

  4. Great idea for a class icebreaker. I used “Harry Potter and Philosophy” in my philosophy class, and the kids ate it up.

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