Come on Irene! Hurricane Preparations!

I live in NJ, smack dab in the middle of the state.  I grew up on the shore (about 30 minutes away) and my parents still live there.  We’ve spent the past few days battening down the hatches.  My parents and many family members are in evacuation zones (though thankfully, they are on higher ground within those areas).  Chris and I have stocked up on food and water, the Aussies have spent almost 4 hrs at the dog park in the past 16 hours, and the bathtub is full of water.  We are ready.

Oh, and I have lots of candles and books. 🙂  Good luck to everyone else weathering this hurricane!

4 Responses

  1. Be safe! I’m thinking about y’all!

  2. LOL! All will be ok – you have books! Like you, I also am in Jersey (Morris County) and have moved everything that I think can “fly” into the garage. No D batteries to be found anywhere in the State at this point. Keep safe and dry.

  3. You certainly sound prepared. Stay safe! Thinking of you and everyone on the East Coast.

  4. Hope you stayed high and dry and didn’t lost power. We lost power for parts of five days, and although it was a pain, the upside was an unprecedented amount of time for reading. I think we all need a little hurricane-induced power outage for that very reason!

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