Reach a Reader Goes Live!

Below please find a press release for Reach a Reader, the result of much hard work on the part of a few Kidlitosphere members. (And special thanks to Sarah Jamila Stevenson for all of her hard work on the website!!)


Reach a Reader Connects Book Donors, Authors and Illustrators with Teachers and School Libraries

Reach a Reader strives to marry readers and schools, moving books out of the garbage pile and into the donation pile. Students read more when they have access to updated, exciting literature. Reach a Reader hopes to ensure that more school and classroom libraries are well-stocked with the latest and greatest in literature.

Research shows that classroom and school libraries are vital for students of all ages. Unfortunately, in this age of budget cuts and economic struggles, most school districts do not have the funds to support classroom and school libraries. Many teachers and librarians provide high-interest reading material to their students by purchasing it themselves, a practice that is becoming more difficult as teachers and librarians are losing their jobs. Reach a Reader works to link book donors with school and classroom libraries, taking ARCs and review copies out of the garbage and putting them into the hands of students.

A diverse group of bloggers began working on Reach a Reader a few months ago with the intention of finding ways to get ARCs (advance review copies) and review copies into classrooms. Bloggers, reviewers, authors, illustrators, and publishers frequently have access to ARCs and review copies which end up in the trash once reviews are posted. Reach a Reader will serve as a clearinghouse and a way to connect those with books to those who need them. Resources are available for schools and libraries, authors and illustrators, and book donors. The site is designed to make it easy for book donors and those in need to connect with one another.

Site users will be able donate to specific teachers or grade levels by searching through a database. Teachers and librarians can sign up, noting the age range they serve and the types of books they are interested in receiving.

Resources for schools and libraries:
ARCsFloatOn: Because it isn’t a good idea to re-sell ARCs, many reviewers and bloggers would like to find places in their community to donate these books. ARCs Float On is a grassroots effort by Reach A Reader Advisory Board member Sarah Mulhern Gross of The Reading Zone to get ARCs into classroom libraries by connecting teachers with bloggers and authors.

Book Donations: Donors will be able to sort through programs including Reading Is Fundamental’s Books for Ownership Program, Guys Lit Wire’s Book Fair for Boys, and many more programs in need of book donations.

School and Virtual Visits: Resources to help connect schools with authors and illustrators.

Resources for Authors and Illustrators:
A variety of websites and social media tools to bring authors and illustrators into schools and libraries.

Book Donors: Those who have books to donate can choose from a variety of programs that accept book donations.

Reach a Reader Advisory Board Members:
Terry Doherty
Donalyn Miller
Colleen Mondor
Sarah Mulhern Gross
Jackie Parker-Robinson
Jen Robinson
Sarah Jamila Stevenson


Reach a Reader Advisory Board

ARCsFloatOn is obviously my baby, so here’s a quick link to the sign-up form for teachers!

If you are interested in finding a teacher/classroom to donate books to, click here!

3 Responses

  1. What a fabulous resource! I will definitely be sharing this with my fellow teachers and our media specialist! Thank you!
    Mary @ Book Swarm

  2. This looks like a fantastic resource that I’ll be coming back to regularly.

  3. Hey very cool. Sounds like a great new organization. The magic of reading knows no bounds, and these guys are on the path to doing a lot of good!

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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