Nerds Heart YA: Round One Pick

Nerds Heart YA is in its 3rd year and aims to bring attention to books that deserve it, but may not have gotten a lot of buzz. According to the site, “the contest focuses specifically on books that in some way represent groups of people who are typically under represented in YA fiction.”

According to the contest rules, the shortlists will consist of books that:

  • Were published in 2010
  • Have received minimum press on blogs
  • Feature characters, or are penned by authors, who fall within the following categories:
    • Person(s) of Color (POC)
    • GLBT
    • Disability
    • Mental Illness
    • Religious Lifestyle
    • Lower Socioeconomic Status
    • Plus-size

The First Round of Judging began on June 13th and runs until June 29th. Visit Nerds Heart YA to see what books are still in the running!

Rose, of Shylock Books, and I were tasked with choosing between two great books.

The Battle:












The Kid Table by Andrea Siegel                                                                                                           Teenie by Christopher Grant


And the winner is……..


The Kid Table by Andrea Siegel !!!!


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