Room by Emma Donoghue

Room: A Novel has been on my must-read list for a few months. I finally got a chance to sit down and read it over Christmas break and all I can say is, “WOW!” Highly, highly recommended for teens and adults.

Published for the adult market, Room: A Novel is a riveting novel. I was unable to put it down and read it straight through in a single sitting. The story is told by five year old Jack. Jack and his mother live in “Room”, and everything in his life is named by its common noun. So the bed is Bed, the chair is Chair, and so on. I feel like the less you know about the plot the more you will enjoy the book, so I am having a tough time deciding how much to say here. Just know that Jack is an extraordinary child in an extraordinary situation. Imagine a precocious, above-average child raised in the most bizarre and horrifying of situations. What is “normal”? Can the abnormal become the norm for those who do not have a choice?

Room: A Novel is an engrossing read and I recommend it highly. It’s not for middle grade readers, but teens and adults are missing out if they have not read it yet.



*purchased by me


4 Responses

  1. Got it for Christmas (I bought it for a grab bag and stole it too many times to count because I wanted to read it so much), and I couldn’t put it down! What a great read.

  2. I listened to this book on audio. It haunts me…Definitely a great read. I was riveted to my speakers–I had to find out what happened to Jack and his mother.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I read an ARC of this one in the fall. It was the most striking book I read in all of 2010. Fabulous.

  4. I listened to the audio just like Mrs. DeRaps!!! I agree the audio was great. I think it helped me really hear Jack’s voice. I agree that you can’t really tell that much about the story because it gives it away. Jack is such a brave kid though!

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