The End of the World Club (Jaguar Stones #2) by J&P Voelkel

The Jaguar Stones, Book Two: The End of the World Club is the second book in J&P Voelkel’s Jaquar Stones series. I read the first book right after it was published by Egmont and absolutely loved it. It’s fresh take on a part of history that a lot of tweens/teens are not familiar with. My connection with monarch butterflies and Mexico also helped me to fall in love with the Mayan setting of the series.

The Jaguar Stones, Book Two: The End of the World Club will be published at the end of this month. Just as exciting as the first book in the series, this time the series moves to Spain. However, Mayan folklore continues to be woven throughout the story,despite the change in venue. And the The Jaguar Stones, Book Two: The End of the World Club is full of adventure! I actually found myself enjoying Max and Lola more in this book. Maybe because they were both out of their comfort zones and running amok in Spain, maybe because I knew the back story and just fell into the story this time. Regardless, both of them grew on me a lot.

Don’t worry- this book is full of laughs, too. In many ways, the series reminds me of Rick Riordan’s writing. Full of adventure, laughs, and interesting history, I would not hesitate to hand the Jaguar Stones books to readers who are waiting for Riordan’s next book. The history is fascinating, the Mayans folklore is just “gross” enough, and the characters will make you laugh out loud. (Come on, a king and a queen stuck in the bodies of monkeys? How do you not burst out laughing?)

Highly recommended for tween/teen readers.



*ARC courtesy of publicist


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