Where She Went by Gayle Forman (Teaser)

Last week, the amazing Alybee930 shipped me a box of books and ARCs (with some swag!).  It was like having a book fairy!  I immediately dove into the box and let out a little shriek when I pulled out an ARC of Gayle Forman’s Where She Went. I selfishly held that one back when I brought the rest of the ARCs into my students at school.

I don’t want to publish a full review of Where She Went yet, as the book won’t be published until April.  However, I do want to make sure you all preorder a copy right now.  This book is unbelievable!  I was a little unsure about the change in point-of-view before I read it, but I sat down and ended up reading it in one sitting.  The story is perfect yet unpredictable, compelling and heartbreaking.  I already booktalked If I Stay and Where She Went to my students first thing this morning- both have been taken out of the library.

Go, right now, and place your order.  It will be well worth it!  (Look for my full review closer to the publication date).