Sold by Patricia McCormick

Patricia McCormick’s Sold has been on my TBR pile for a very long time. It never quite made it to the top because I knew I most likely would not put it in my classroom library so I did not want to disappoint myself by loving a book I could not share. However, now that I am in ninth and twelfth grade, I pulled it out.

If you teach high school (or even upper middle school, depending on your class) this book must be in your classroom library. The heartbreaking story of 13-year-old Lakshmi opens on her ordinary life in Nepal. However, her stepfather is a gambler sells her into prostitution in India in order to pay off a gambling debt. Refusing to be with men, Lakshmi is beaten and starved, eventually drugged and raped. Written in free verse, Lakshmi’s story is difficult to read, but sadly is real life for too many girls in Nepal. McCormick interviewed girls in India and Nepal before writing this book and I am so happy she decided to tell their stories. I know that we focus on speaking loudly in our own communities, but these girls need us to SpeakLoudly, too.

McCormick handles difficult subject matter with sensitivity and dexterity.  Lakshmi’s story is never sensationalized, but will leave you in tears.  The subject matter is difficult, but it is something that teens should be aware of.  This is daily life for some children and their stories need to be shared.  Highly, highly recommended.

*copy purchased by me