Mandatory D.E.A.R. Reading

Drop everything and go read this post at Risha Mullins’s blog.

Risha Mullins is a National Board-certified English teacher from Kentucky who used YA literature in her classroom.  Her test scores proved that her methods worked and she saw her students growing as readers.  Nonreaders were suddenly recommending books to other students.  Books were being devoured in class.  And then a parent challenged her use of a book in her extracurricular book club.  From there, she was forced to endure a horrific experience that ended in her being run out of her job.  The post is heartbreaking.  But also inspiring.  It should be required reading for all English teachers.

Risha Mullins is my YA hero.

Speak Loudly.


One Response

  1. Great story. Thanks for sharing it.
    When I clicked on the link it said:
    “Page not found
    Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog For the Love of YA (Reviews & Author Interviews) does not exist.”
    Any other idea how to access that link?

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