Movin’ on Up….

Big news on the personal and professional front here.  As of September, I will no longer be a middle school teacher.  Due to budget cuts and the economic state of affairs here in NJ, I lost my teaching job of the past five years.  Never one to sit around and do nothing, I started sending out resumes as soon as I received my RIF notice.  I also posted my fate on my personal Facebook account.  My high school biology teacher saw my status, got in touch with me about some opportunities, and one thing led to another….

I will be teaching freshman and senior English at my high school alma mater as of September 1st!

(And that, my dear readers, is proof positive of the power of social networking in this day and age.  Had I not posted my news on Facebook, I may not have ended up with my amazing new position!)

This is a big change for me, but one I am very much looking forward to.  No worries, the blog won’t change much.  I will be reviewing a bit more YA but I plan to keep blogging as always.  I will still be writing about language arts/English for intermediate/secondary students.  I will still be reading aloud, still be instilling a love of reading and writing in my students, and I will still be blogging here.