This Is Me From Now On by Barbara Dee

Evie isn’t the biggest fan of her new neighbor, Francesca.  Francesca is wild, funny, over-the-top, and a little crazy.  She doesn’t follow any rules besides the one she makes for herself.  Living with her aunt, she dresses older, inventing her own fashion rules.  But Francesca is one of those people who manages to win you over, despite your reservations.  Before she knows it, Evie is actually enjoying Francesca’s say what you think, live how you want lifestyle.  Throw in a mandatory school group project and a little matchmaking and you have the makings a perfect tween romp.

I really enjoyed this book.  Barbara Dee has been a favorite in my sixth grade classroom for the past two years so I was happy when she sent me a copy of This Is Me From Now On to review for the blog. Dee captures the angst of middle school girls perfectly. I think every tween girl experiences that friendship that seems to make her other friends jealous. Everyone has that one friend that’s just a little wilder and a little crazier than the other kids around her. Dee’s characters are authentic and reminded me a lot of the girls I teach. Their friendships and drama ring 100% true! I would highly recommend Barbara Dee’s book to any middle school girl, especially fans of realistic fiction.

*review copy courtesy of the author