Seaglass Summer by Anjali Banerjee

Poppy knows exactly how her life is going to go.  After middle school comes high school, then college, then veterinary school.  She wants to be a vet just like her Uncle Sanjay.  So while her parents are in India visiting family, she spends a few weeks on Nisqually Island, shadowing her uncle at his veterinary practice.  It turns out that being a vet isn’t exactly how Poppy thought it would be.  It doesn’t come as naturally as she thought it would.

Through episodic chapters that focus on different patients at the clinic, we see Poppy struggle with her life-plan.  Does she want to be a vet?  Is she even any good at it? Seaglass Summer is a quiet book that makes you feel like you are on Nisqually Island with Poppy and Uncle Sanjay.

I loved this little book.  It’s a perfect summer read for middle grade readers.  The episodic chapters lend themselves especially well to reading a bit at at time.  And it’s nice to read about a tween who thinks they have their life figured out only to be thrown a curveball.  While Poppy decides she still may become a vet at the end, it’s a long journey.  She struggles more than she ever imagined she would and it really throw her for a loop.  I think middle grade readers will appreciate Poppy’s struggles.  Plus, there are a lot of funny moments, too!

*Review copy courtesy of the publisher

Back in Action….For Real!

Apologies for the extended blog break.  While I figured I would be posting only sporadically in June due to the typical “end of the year” cleanup, it intensified beyond my preparations.  But school ended this week, I ran around like a nut finishing up some other plans, and now I finally have settled into “summer”.  This week I am diving into my summer reading, diving back into blogging, and getting ready for next year!