Smells Like Dog by Suzanne Selfors

Smells Like Dog is a romp of an adventure with treasure hunts, cartography, taxidermy, soup warehouses, museums, pirates, and a dog with no smell. With a tone slightly reminiscent of Lemony Snicket, this is a book the middle grade readers are going to love.

Homer Pudding lives a pretty boring life. He spends most of his time poring over the maps and books his uncle sends him, irritating his goat farming father to no end. But Homer longs for a life of adventure, a life off the farm, and a life of hunting treasure, like his uncle. But when his uncle dies in a horrible tortoise accident and leaves Homer his most valuable possession, Homer is a little disappointed to only receive a sad-looking basset hound. And then to learn that Dog can’t even smell? However, Dog and Homer are quickly pulled into world of treasure hunters who will do anything to find treasure.

Full of fantastic characters, exciting adventures, and lots of laughter, Smells Like Dog is bound to be a classic. This is a delightful middle grade novel perfect for boys and girls alike.

*ARC courtesy of publisher


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  2. How I envy your access to ARCs, Sarah! Thanks for keeping me *and the multitudes informed about what’s coming around the bend.

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