Sister to Sister

My eleven-year old sister is too much like me. This is the text message she sent me at 10pm. “Don’t tell mom cause I’m supposed to be in bed right now, but do u know where they sell cheap book lights? Flashlights are too hard 2 hold & read at the same time so I need 1 that clips onto the page. Or do you have one? Cause I read at night.”

Needless to say, I just ordered her a booklight and it’s on its way. I told her not to tell Mom. 🙂

4 Responses

  1. I so needed a booklight as a young reader…I was always busted reading under the covers by mom. A flashlight is too hard to hold, I agree. Glad you ordered her one!

  2. I’ve started to dapple a bit with the kindle app on my iphone and was just thinking last night how nice it would have been to have such a device instead of a flashlight when I was 11.

  3. Try a light wedge! They are awesome. Eveyone that has seen mine has ordered one. Last time on Amazon they had Harry Potter’s on sale for $10

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