Slice of Life #25

Today is my father’s birthday.  He and I have spent years trying to research our family history, but we always hit a dead end with my great-grandmother.  We know she ran away from home as a teenager, after her widowed father remarried.  We think she may have used a false name on the ship manifest when she came over.  She’s a mystery.

On a whim, I decided to check out the Irish National Archives today.  I hadn’t check in a few months because it was taking almost a year to get the 1911 census online.  My great-grandmother was born in 1909, and all the censuses before that were lost in a fire.  Only 1901 survived and it hasn’t been transcribed yet.

Well, imagine my surprise when I typed in my great-grandmother’s name and her family’s census return popped up!  We now know her parents’ names and her siblings’ names!  Needless to say, I have been researching on ever since.  I am so excited!  Isn’t genealogy awesome?


Slice of Life #24

Tonight I booked our honeymoon!  I’ve been putting it off for a few days because of all the uncertainty at work.  But tonight I decided to bite the bullet.   I need an amazing vacation to look forward to!

In 135 days Chris and I will set sail on the brand-new Norwegian Epic for a seven day cruise around the Western Caribbean!  I can not wait!  We will leave out of Miami and visit Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Honduras.  It is going to be amazing!  (And totally worthy of all the exclamation points I am using in this slice of life).  Now I get to spend the next four months deciding what shore excursions we are going to take.  Yay!

And the ship itself is unreal.  There is an aqua park, spa, multiple freestyle dining options, we have a balcony room, and the entertainment options are unreal.  August cant come soon enough!

Slice of Life #23

One of my favorite TV shows is LOST.  I look forward to it every week and today was no exception.  It’s been a rough few days at work but I was thrilled when I read that tonight’s episode would be six minutes longer than usual.  Six minutes doesn’t sound that long, but in LOST it could mean the answer to a question that has been haunting viewers since season 1.

At 9pm, Chris and I put Dublin in his crate to sleep so that we could watch LOST undisturbed.  LOST takes our full concentration because there is so much going on in each scene.  Each episodecuses on the story of one character and tonight they gave us the background on one of the most fascinating characters- Richard Alpert.

For an hour and six minutes, Chris and I sat at rapt attention.  There were a few answers!  And of course even more new questions arose.  But for those 67 minutes absolutely nothing else was on my mind.  That’s the power of a great story.  And there are only 7 new episodes left until the series finale!

Slice of Life #22

After eating two hamburgers in as many days, I’ve been trying to eat healthy today.  Especially as one of those hamburgers was from Cheeburger Cheeburger and the other from Five Guys.  Bastions of health, right?  So last night’s dinner was a salad and I had an egg omelette on a tortilla for breakfast this morning.  Lunch was a turkey sandwich and pretzels.

Then it was dinner time.  Chris had class tonight so I don’t cook when it is just me.  That meant stopping for dinner after running errands this evening.  After some thought, I decided I felt like sushi.  To Wegman’s, then!

It’s been a while since I bought sushi at Wegman’s, and wow do they have a lot of choices now!  There was sashimi in the sushi case!  But I settled on California rolls with tuna sashimi.  And it was delicious.  And a palate cleanser.  And I am very glad I decided on sushi for dinner!

Slice of Life #21

This morning Chris and I were up and out of the house by 9:30am.  Where were we going so early on a Sunday morning?

The dog beach!

It’s been so gorgeous lately that we decided to spend the morning at the dog beach with Dublin.  It’s one of his favorite places  and would let us get out and enjoy the weather.  It took us about 35 minutes to get there and once we were in town, Dublin started whining.  It’s like he knew where we were!  Needless to say, I love the Jersey shore during this time of year.  Parking is ample, the beaches aren’t crowded, and everyone out is actually from Jersey.  🙂

We parked and made our way to the dog beach, which was packed with dogs and humans.  Once we were about halfway down the beach, I unhooked the leash and let Dublin run free.  Within seconds, he had made new friends and the whole pack was racing down the beach.  Dublin is as fast as anything and loves to have other dogs chase him.  They ran in the sand, through the water, and even among the dunes.  ALmost instantly, he was soaking wet and covered in sand.  Needless to say, he loves it!

We spent about 45 minutes at the dog beach and then decided to take a walk on the actual beach.  From October-May, dogs are allowed on the beaches in New Jersey, not just the dog beach.  Because the dog beach is on the inlet, there are very few waves.  Dublin had a ton of fun on the Atlantic Ocean side, jumping over the waves and trying to bite the whitecaps.  We walked a bit down the beach, meeting a few other people along the way- families playing in the sand, fishermen, and other walkers.  Dublin stopped periodically to dig in the sand and attempt to carry clam shells down the beach.

All in all, it was a great day. 🙂

Slice of Life #20

“How long do you think the line will be?” I asked Chris as we drove down the highway.  We were heading towards Rita’s for our free Italian Ice.

“Hopefully not that long,” he replied.

As we drove closer, I was happy to see there was not a line of cars on the side of the road, as there has been in the past.  We had decided to go around dinner time, under the assumption that there would be fewer people in line.  Friends had told me they waited an hour or more earlier in the day!  But as pulled in, the line looked more than manageable.  In fact, there were three lines.

As we got out of the car, I stopped Chris. “How many students do you think I will see?” (We were in the town where I teach).

Chris responded with, “Three.  Definitely.”

We made our way to the line and spent the next few minutes perusing the flavors.  What would we get?  Lemon?  Wild black cherry?  Pink Lemonade?  A cream ice- like mint chip, cookies and cream, or smores?  I settled on Florida orange, with Lemon as a back-up in the event that my first choice was already gone.

Chris was a little braver.  He decided to get Peeps.  Mostly out of curiosity.

As we moved up in the line, one of the girls in front of us turned around and saw me.  She quickly turned back to her friends and Chris leaned over, “They are fighting over whether or not to say hi to you”.

I saw that one of the girls was in my 8th period class.  We said hello and she blushed and giggled.  Then, I turned to my right to see one of my former students.  I saw her twice this week, after not seeing her at all since school let out in June.  She burst into giggles and we exchanged hellos.

“Can I help you?” the girl at the counter asked.  She looked like she had had a long day.

“Can I get a Florida Orange and  Peeps?” I asked.

She quickly made the two cups and brought them over.  As we turned to walk back to the car, I saw a third student of mine.  Chris was right on the money.  But before I could laugh, Chris tasted his Peeps ice.  Judging by the face he made, the neon yellow treat was not good.  I offered to share my delicious Florida orange if he dumped his out.  Needless to say, we drove away and left behind a pile of bright yellow Peeps Italian Ice on the grass.  It was gross!

Slice of Life #19

I had a district day today, which meant getting out of school a little earlier than usual.  Nothing beats driving home with the windows down, music blasting, and the breeze blowing through the car.  The only thing that can ruin it is arguing with the manufacturer of my brand new dishwasher.

Since Chris and I bought our new Bosch dishwasher, it has been nothing but a problem.  Lowes delivered it at the beginning of February and it has never worked.  If I run it on a normal cycle it runs all day.  Literally.  As in, I ran it when I went to school and came home to find it still running.  Bosch sent someone out from a repair company and they told me it needs a new computer.  That was 3 weeks ago and no one at the service company will answer my phone calls.  So today I called Bosch again and was given the number of another repair company in the area.

That meant spending another 40 minutes on the phone with the repair company, explaining the situation.  And answering the same questions.  But hopefully, I will have a new computer or motherboard sometime next week.  And then my dishwasher will actually work.  If I had to spend all that time on the phone, at least it was beautiful out!