Slice of Life #30

It’s been raining here for days.  It’s grey, wet, muddy, and just damp.  I put on my raincoat, my best investment this year, and called Dublin over.  Taking him out to the bathroom is an ordeal in the rain because I have to get myself into all my rain gear.  First comes the aforementioned North Face raincoat.  Coat zipped and hood up.

Next come the galoshes.  Actually, before the galoshes I have to put on my boot socks.  Then, my coat only reaches to right above my knees and the polka-dot galoshes come to right below my knee.  This leaves a few inches of my pants exposed to the weather, so they end up soaking wet.  But finally, I am prepared to go outside.  It doesn’t take much time for Dublin to get ready.  He sits at the door, tail wagging, as I get dressed.

Stepping outside, I pull the raincoat tighter around my body, hoping to block out some of the driving rain.  My boots squelch in the mud, puddles rising above my toes.  When will we see the sun again?


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