Slice of Life #28

Today’s plan was to head up to East Brunswick to visit the K&G Men’s Superstore so that Chris could look at suits for the wedding.   Here is how our drive went:

1. Head down the backroads, figuring we would avoid the traffic on the highway.

2.  Hit traffic at a complete standstill.  Due to the rain, the racetrack was letting out early and hundreds of cars were dumping out onto the road.

3.Make a quick u-turn head towards the highway,

4. Halfway there, hit traffic again.  This time, backed up at least 1.5 miles before the ramp onto the highway.

5. Make a quick turn, cut through a neighborhood, and try a 3rd route.

6. Hit a little traffic, but nothing bad.

7. Make it to the highway and shoot up to the town where K&G is located.

8. More traffic.  We manage to get to the side of the road where K&G is located.

9. Pull into the parking lot.

10. Realize that the building is empty.  K&G is gone.  Apparently, they went out of business.

Definitely a wasted trip!


2 Responses

  1. Oh no! What an ordeal… and rain just makes everything worse, doesn’t it?

  2. I know it would be out of your way – but there is a K&G (not a superstore) on Rte 9N in Woodbridge – near the mall. I’m pretty sure it’s still open (if it’s not I’m really unobservant, because I drive by it all the time)

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