Slice of Life #22

After eating two hamburgers in as many days, I’ve been trying to eat healthy today.  Especially as one of those hamburgers was from Cheeburger Cheeburger and the other from Five Guys.  Bastions of health, right?  So last night’s dinner was a salad and I had an egg omelette on a tortilla for breakfast this morning.  Lunch was a turkey sandwich and pretzels.

Then it was dinner time.  Chris had class tonight so I don’t cook when it is just me.  That meant stopping for dinner after running errands this evening.  After some thought, I decided I felt like sushi.  To Wegman’s, then!

It’s been a while since I bought sushi at Wegman’s, and wow do they have a lot of choices now!  There was sashimi in the sushi case!  But I settled on California rolls with tuna sashimi.  And it was delicious.  And a palate cleanser.  And I am very glad I decided on sushi for dinner!


4 Responses

  1. mmh… 5 guys!!! i’ve been there once, in the city but they just opened a 5 guys in my hometown and i foresee a pre-passover stop there when i go home next weekend. 😀

    also, my sister lives in buffalo and is always going on and on about wegman’s and how wonderful it is. i need to visit a wegman’s!!

  2. I can relate. I am trying to eat carefully and less and healthy. But it is so much more fun to pig out on garbage.

  3. I’d suggest you read The End of Overeating Forever. It’s filled with facts that would make you rethink your dietary choices more often. A good read, also.

  4. I live for Wegman’s (now that I live in an area without a Whole Foods). It’s a divine place to shop. In fact, I’m making a pot roast, with meat purchased from Wegman’s, right now. Better go and check on it!

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