Slice of Life #15

Today I finished up teaching my students about appositives, using an activity from Jeff Anderson’s Everyday Editing.  I was a little hesitant at first, because my students can be a handful sometimes, if given a hands-on project (especially on a rainy Monday morning!).  But I decided to jump in anyway.  During my newspaper meeting, I put together the booklets and set them up, in order to save time.  I knew that having the students do it in class would result in us using most of the class period practicing following directions. 😉

To my surprise, all four classes were awesome!  They wrote their five sentences, copied them into the booklet with minimal distraction and questions, and in each class at least one student realized what we were doing.

“Wait!  This is like Madlibs!  You can mix up the sentences!”

With that, I would have them demonstrate for the class.  For the next few minutes the students would mix up their sentences, with sudden gales of laughter coming from different corners of the room.  Each student shared their silliest sentence.  And man, some of them were silly!  But by the end of the period, they were appositive experts.

I love when a lesson works out better than you planned.  🙂


One Response

  1. They didn’t teach this back when I was in school (or else I wasn’t tuned in). What are appositives?

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