Slice of Life #11

After school today I headed to the mall to pick up a few things, including lunch.  As I walked through the parking lot, my phone rang and I dug through my bag (as usual) trying to find it.  By the time I walked through the front doors of the mall, I was engrossed in my conversation.  I know the mall layout like the back of my hand, so I was barely paying attention as I made my way to the food court.

Suddenly, I heard a bizarre sound.  A misplaced sound.  Something that didn’t belong in a mall.

“Clang clang!”

“Choo choo!”

Like a deer in headlights, I froze.  In my suburban mall I was standing in front of a train.  Like a full-on, clanging bell-guy in conductor’s uniform-choo choo train.  No tracks, just wheels, driving around the mall.  And it almost ran me over!  What the heck?! I thought.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you, Marisa.  But I am standing in the mall and a train is about to run me over.  I’m going to have to call you back…” I trailed off.

(No, I have no IDEA what was going on.  Or why we have a train giving rides in the mall.  Too bizarre!)

One Response

  1. There used to be a kiddie train in the Woodbridge Mall when I was a kid. However, I somehow think the one you encountered was a bit bigger.

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