Slice of Life #1

I was so excited by the warm weather after school today that I rushed home, put Dublin into the car, and drove to the dog park with the windows down and Jack’s Mannequin blaring on my radio.  When we pulled into the parking lot Dublin started whining excitedly, knowing exactly where we were.

As I got him out of the car I waved to another dog owner who was just leaving the park.

“Don’t even bother!” she yelled across the parking lot.  “The whole park is just a big mud pit.  It’s not worth it!”

“Thanks!” I yelled back.  I decided to take Dublin into the small-dog park, hoping it would be drier.  I tugged the leash in the direction of the small park and Dublin ran in front of me to lead the way.  Opening the double-gated entryway, I unclipped the leash and set him free.  As he raced into the park, I saw the mud flying behind Dublin’s legs.  He just got groomed on Wednesday!  I let let him run around like a maniac for a few minutes before deciding it wasn’t worth me having to give him a bath after we got home.

“Dublin!  Come!  Want to go for a walk?”

Dublin looked towards me, ears cocked forward as if he were actually listening.  Once he heard the magic word, “walk”, he raced back to the front gate, leaving me in the dust.  We spent the next hour walking on the trails in the park and he had a great time.  He explored, dug in the snow, and even got to see a creek for the first time.  (The gurgling water baffled him!)


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  1. He still has all that puppy energy!

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