Hot Books in My Middle School Classroom

It’s time for another round of “Hot Books in My Middle School Classroom”! This is a meme I put together every few weeks/months where I share what my 6th graders are sharing and reading lately during reading.

My girls are romantics this year. Because of this, there are four copies of Nicholas Sparks’s Dear John being passed from one teary-eyed girl to the next. I don’t have any copies in my classroom library so those four girls went out and bought their own copies which they have now been passing on to their friends. Every few days I see it on another desk. And I love looking up during Reading Workshop to see one of my readers wiping tears from her eyes. How can you read Sparks and not cry!?

I have a lot of Gordon Korman fans in my classes this year, so when Scholastic offered The Toilet Paper Tigers earlier this year, they jumped on it! They have been comparing it to the movie “Bad News Bears” and giving it rave reviews. Gordon Korman can do no wrong in my eyes so I’m thrilled that this has been reissued for my students to enjoy.

The first two Cinderella Cleaners books were packaged together in the last Scholastic order and they caught the attention of a few students. There were a few orders placed and one student already started reading the first one. She is giving it rave reviews and recommending the series to her friends.

Mike Lupica’s Million-Dollar Throw is making its way from student to student and they are telling me I have to read it. One student called it Lupica’s best book yet. That’s a pretty ringing endorsement, I’d say!

And the most popular book of all right now? The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians). It crosses all genres, reading levels, and cliques. My kids can not put Percy down and I am thrilled! It means I can’t use The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) as a read aloud this year, but I think that’s a pretty ok reason. I’m fine with the fact that at least half my students have read or are reading the books!

So what books are popular in your class right now?