Our Next Read Aloud

My 7th and 8th period classes finished reading All The Broken Pieces this week and we needed a new read aloud. For the first time, I presented both classes with 5 books, did a book talk for each one, and then allowed the kids to vote by secret ballot. The winning book would be our next read aloud.

I chose five books that have been on various mock Newbery lists and I would have been happy with any of the choices. However, I was secretly hoping they would choose a specific book because I thought it would fit the class populations well.

The five books I presented were:

The winner was almost unanimous in both classes- Anything But Typical won by a landslide in both classes.  I was thrilled, because I was hoping at least one class would choose it.  I can’t wait to see what kind of conversations come out of our read aloud.  It should be great.