Tween Book Buying Guide for the Holidays- Sports Fanatics

Do you have a sports fan in your life? Check out some of these recommendations from my sixth graders!

The Contender sat on the shelf in my classroom library collecting dust for the last few years. In the early part of this school year one of my boys picked it up and it still hasn’t made its way back to the shelf. I see a different student reading it every few weeks and then they pass it to someone else. All of them are raving about this classic novel that tells the story of a seventeen year old boy from Harlem who dreams of becoming a champion boxer.

Every sports fan should pick up Mike Lupica’s books. Lupica is a sportswriter and his children’s novels are an inside look at sports and families. His latest novel, Million-Dollar Throw, was released last month.

Mention that a children’s author also played in the NFL and you’ll see any middle schooler’s eyes light up. For that reason, Tim Green’s books are always popular with my students. When I shared an ARC of Baseball Great last spring, I had a waiting list a page long. Now, all of my Tim Green novels are constantly moving off the shelf.

Finally, Dairy Queen has found a few new fans among my students this year. This story about a high school girl who decides to tryout for her high school football team brings laughter and tears to its readers!

What sports books do you recommend?

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  2. Some great books here, I have nieces and nephews so it is always helpful to see what is around at this time of the year.

  3. I have to admit I hated “THe Contender” in junior high and all 3 of my kids have hated it as they went through middle school. I simply don’t get the attraction! But I also am pleased that it found an audience among your students. Who cares what gets them going, as long as something does! I’ve not heard of “DQ,” but it sounds intriguing. I pick up YA books upon occasion, so I’ll give that a look. I think another addition to your shelves could be A Sportscaster’s Guide to Watching Football. It would be great for a quick primer for anyone who wants to learn more. And any of your kids who already understand the game and watch football will love the great stories and anecdotes the author — longtime broadcast in the NFL — tells.

  4. Hi, could you please post about radical games? I wrote about friend told me that it’s make a bad effect to kids…do u agree with him? thanks.

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