I don’t usually recommend music, but I have to do it tonight.  For anyone out there with kids or who teaches in elementary school- you MUST get this album!  I know a lot of teachers play music in the classroom so I have to share it with you.

The Flannery Brothers Love Songs for Silly Things is hysterical, fun, and great for all ages. It’s kids music that won’t drive adults insane. In fact, I’ve had a few of the songs happily stuck in my head for the past few days. The songs are intelligent and don’t talk down to kids.

You can get the album on Amazon or from itunes (link below). Give it a listen. I guarantee you will fall in love!

My personal favorite song is Broccoli Yet.  🙂

I’ve known Dan Flannery since high school and his brother, Mike, also went to my high school.  But I would recommend the album regardless. It’s that good!