Moon Science, History, and Mystery by Stewart Ross

I am trying to expand my reading horizons and read more non-fiction.  Space is always a popular topic with my students, so when I saw Moon Science, History, And Mystery I picked it up for my classroom library.

With a stunning cover, this should catch my students’ attention. And the short chapters will hold their attention. Each spread is like a mini-unit, focusing on a different subject. The topics range from moonlight to moon gods/goddesses to moon probes, everything you could want to know about the moon is in this book. Each spread is full of pictures, charts, captions, and much more. I think kids will feel good about flipping through this book and reading the sections that interest them. After reading a spread or two, I think they will be pulled in and will want to read the whole thing!

Each spread is labeled as part of the Moon Struck, Moon Landing, or Moon Facts theme.  The Moon Landing theme is chronological and does a great job of explaining NASA’s first lunar mission.  The Moon Struck sections focus on history, mythology, and the arts.  Moon Facts are just that.  

This is also a great addition to any science teacher’s classroom library!


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