Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins


Unreal. Amazing. Heart-stopping. Gut-wrenching. Mind-blowing. Just a few of the superlatives that describe Suzanne Collin’s Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games).

Yes, I was one of the lucky ones who scored an ARC of Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games) at BEA. I started reading on Sunday and have been dragging it out ever since. I just didn’t want the experience to end! However, I have two classrooms full of students clamoring for their chance with the book. Plus, I want to reread it now.  It’s just that good.  Of course, now I have to wait even longer for the third book in the series to come out.  And talk about ending on a cliff-hanger!

Scholastic has asked that no one reveal plot details so that everyone gets a spoiler-free experience when the book is published in September. But what I can tell you is that Suzanne Collins has outdone herself. I read a lot of books and many times can see twists and turns coming from a mile away. But not with this book, no sirree. Collins blew my mind at some points and had me gasping at others. Her world building is impeccable and her characterization continues to amaze me.  The plotting starts out a bit slower, because this is a sequel.  But hang in there, because Collins outdoes herself almost immediately.  

Preorder this one now, because it’s only going to get bigger.  

And I need someone to talk to this one about!!!!!

7 Responses

  1. I got it at the bea too. It didn’t blow me away at all. The ending was strong but the rest of it just bored me. I guess I’m just weird since everyone seems to have loved it!

    • Really? See, I actually liked this one better than the first. I thought the first book was almost too much action and not even character development. This one was just perfect!

  2. hmmm…I really enjoyed the action in the first book. I thought that Catching Fire almost had too much character development at times. I love Katniss but I dunno something about Catching Fire just didn’t click with me. It is difficult for me to describe really.

  3. I am jealous you received an ARC of Catching Fire! I started reading The Hunger Games to my students and didn’t get a chance to finish it before the year ended (much to the disappointment of my students). Loved the fact that it captivated ALL of my students and really made them think “what if?” Catching Fire has been pre-ordered since March and I can’t wait for September to come around!

  4. Can I borrow it?

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