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As readers of this blog know, I teach 6th grade language arts using a workshop method.  It’s not always easy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Is there anything you are wondering about how I handle reading and writing workshop in my classroom?  If so, comment here and I promise to answer any questions!

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  1. I teach 4th grade in a self-contained GATE class. I also teach Language Arts through a workshop format and I struggle to find enough time in the day to meet with each student at least once a week. How do you address this issue in your classroom? Right now, I meet with groups of students on a rotating basis and check their notebooks and chat about their books, but I’d love to hear other ideas!

  2. I teach 5th grade reading/language arts. What types of activities and assignments do you take grades from?

  3. I have a few questions. Would you share with us your curriculum map? Also, I have heard of teachers who combine their reading and writing workshop conferences together, just meeting once but discussing both reading and writing. Have you ever done that? What do you recommend? One last one…how long do your students silent read each day?
    Thanks so much! I can’t wait for answers to everyone’s questions.

  4. I teach a 4th/5th grade looping class using the workshop model. In the fall I will return to 4th grade to begin a new loop. My biggest frustration has been around grading! We use the traditional A-F system. Any ideas for making it easier???

  5. I just posted a question about this in a teaching community I belong to on LiveJournal! I’m trying to work out how to do the writer’s and reader’s notebook. I have looked at your info about writer’s notebooks and plan to use some of it, but I use a writing folder and a yellow pad for drafting. That has worked well this year and and want to continue that next year (so the drafting wouldn’t be in the writer’s notebook). I also am considering incorporating daybooks and I’m trying to figure out how to do that.

    Scheduling is an issue for me- our classes are only 45 minutes long and I have a hard time getting in everything I need and want to do.

    One area that I failed at with implementing workshops this year (my first year doing workshops) is conferencing. I’d love some tips on conferencing.

  6. I just realized I mixed up your blog with the Two Writing Teachers blog. It was their info about writer’s notebooks that I have looked at.

  7. You have probably mentioned this before, but I would love to hear your weekly schedule in general. Also, how do you juggle multiple classes of journals? I am trying to figure out a timely way to check in with all my students’ journals and writer’s notebooks. I thought that last year you mentioned trying out having studnets self evaluate their notebooks. How did that go?

  8. Will you have your students develop a summer reading plan? I

  9. I second what Mrs. V asked for!

  10. Thank you…thank you in advance. I have few questions:
    1. Do your students maintain daily journaling for both reading and writing? How do you keep up with that?
    2. What do your reading mini-lessons focus on and do you have any professional books that guide you?
    3. Do you conduct small group instruction in reading workshop (i.e. guided reading)?

  11. Do you utilize the Daily 5? Our district is starting to explore this and I wonder if you have any suggestions for starting out.


  12. Sarah, this might be a silly question, but it’s something I’ve always wondered about: what do teachers do on inservice days? Do you have staff training? Meetings? Planning/organization time? Or something completely different?

  13. I teach Language Arts to 6th graders in a block schedule so I have half the kids in a CORE class for 90 minutes and the other half in an applied class for 30 minutes in the afternoon. The next day the students flip flop schedules. I see every sixth grader every day. This is my second year teaching and I am very excited to start the reading/writing workshop in my classroom next year. How would you suggest planning what to do when with this type of schedule? Any suggestions on what professional books to read to help implement the workshops?

  14. Have you ever taught 7th or 8th grade language arts and were you able to incorporate the same ideas as you use in 6th grade?

    • I haven’t taught 7th/8th grade, but I don’t see why you couldn’t incorporate the same ideas into those classes. Next year I will be teaching more of a middle school schedule and I don’t plan to get rid of anything from my schedule!

    • I teach 7th and 8th grade language arts and began implementing the workshop for both reading and writing. I’ve seen a vast improvement in my students’ reading and writing this year. I’m still working on “tweaking” things to best fit me and my school, but I think it’s great. My 8th graders LOVE our read aloud time. We’ve been working through the Shadow Children Series by Margaret Peterson-Haddix. They really get into the stories and make connections. It’s a lot of fun.

  15. Do you have a reading/writing summer life unit? I’m beginning to put things together and I’d love to hear what you do. Can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂

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