News from Around the Blogosphere

What an insanely busy day today.  With state testing starting next week, this week is crazy.  Tomorrow, my team at school is hosting a fundraiser for the Holocaust Genocide and Human Rights Education Center that our students will be visiting soon.  And I am hurrying to finish an assortment of books so that I can booktalk them to my students before standardized testing.  Testing is the perfect time to hook kids on a book, because when the finish their choices are to sit and stare at the wall or read a book.  And I strongly encourage them to read, rather than space.  😉

In light of my crazy to-do list, I have a review list that is backed up to last Wednesday.  Or somewhere thereabouts.  In the meantime, here is some news from around the blogosphere:

  • Donalyn Miller’s recent post about reading during testing certainly hit home.  My favorite part of testing – ok, really the only thing I like about testing- is watching my students open up their novels when they close their test booklets.  Those of you heading into testing season should take a moment and read this!
  • If you missed any of GottaBooks Thirty Poets/Thirty Days, be sure to check out Gregory K.’s wrap-up post. With poets like Marilyn Singer, Adam Rex, Nikki Grimes, and so many more- this is one not to be missed!
  • YPulse has a survey up which makes me very happy.  They polled tweens about their reading habits and I think many people will be surprised at some of the results.  90% of the tweens who responded say they “enjoy reading”.  Yay!
  • The kidlitosphere is a wonderful place and everyone takes care of each other.  Right now, there is a wonderful opportunity to help out one of our own: The Auction for Bridget Zinn.  

Three things happened to Bridget in February:
1. She got an agent for her young adult novel.
2. She got married.
3. She found out she had Stage Four colon cancer.  

From the website:

 Bridget is dealing with an ugly reality that is all too common in America today.  Even when you have insurance that covers most things, it doesn’t cover everything.  Medscape reports, “The cost of treating colorectal cancer has skyrocketed over the past 5 years or so, and the costs of new agents and regimens have risen 340-fold.”

Here’s how you can help.  A group of writers who have been impressed with Bridget’s friendliness and what can only be described as her radiant joy (even now) has banded together to help Bridget with the costs she faces.  One of the activities will be an online auction. 


Please check out the auction.  All of the items up for bidding are amazing!  And this is a wonderful opportunity to help out an amazing person.  Please check it out!