Poem in Your Pocket Day

How did you celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day?

In class today, I gave my kids a handout explaining what Poem in Your Pocket Day is and how is is celebrated in places like New York City.  On the bottom of the page I included six pocket-sized poems.  They had the option of cutting out one of those poems or using a poem of their choice to carry in their pocket for the rest of the day.  But that wasn’t the best part!

Their second task was to choose a poem they have read this month- or a poem they wrote.  Choosing their own poem took a little more bravery.  They copied that poem onto loose-leaf, decorated it, folded the page in half, and wrote the first line on the front.  Tonight, they had to drop that poem off somewhere in town where another person will find it.  Then they would write a 1-paragraph reflection about where they dropped the poem and why they chose that spot.  I can’t wait to hear where the poems ended up!  Before the end of the idea I heard the following ideas- the lobby at dance school, my sister’s soccer practice, my baseball game (in the dugout), my dad’s suit pocket, my mom’s work bag.  

Hopefully, today spread a little more poetry throughout our town. 🙂

So, how did you celebrate?

3 Responses

  1. What a fun idea; it reminds me of the recent Book Drop. I bet your students loved doing that!

    Poem in my pocket is one more thing that I am adding to my list to make sure to do next year since I missed it this year. A lot of my students participate in after school programs and one of their teachers helped them all choose a poem earlier in the week, and then on the actual day they were supposed to read their poem to as many people possible and have the people sign the back of their poem. I had 4-6 graders read their poems to me and they were all very excited about the day!

  2. Sadly, I was home sick on Poem in Your Pocket Day. I shared my poem with the kiddos yesterday though.

  3. I didn’t celebrate Poem in the Pocket –unfortunately, other things had to take precedence. However, I love the poem you read in honor of your student’s brother, and I also love the idea of leaving poetry around the community — very powerful!!

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