Back to School….Over the Hump!

Tomorrow it is back to school, after a wonderful spring break. Only 2.5 months of school left- summer break here we come!

I am looking forward to jumping back into our poetry unit, telling my students about my coffee date with Kathi Appelt, and continuing our Holocaust read-aloud and book clubs. That alarm is going to sound awfully loud, awfully early tomorrow! It’s always a jolt when you spend a week and a half relaxing. But back to the grind we must go. 🙂

3 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I’m wondering what your Holocaust Read-aloud is. You may have mentioned it before, but I’ve been away for a few weeks and may have missed it. Our 8th grade also does a Holocaust unit and I’d love to pass on any good titles to them!

    • CM-

      Our Holocaust read-aloud is Jane Yolen’s “The Devil’s Arthimetic”. It’s a phenomenal book!

  2. Glad your break was wonderful! Those breaks are what rejuvenate me and make me a better teacher afterward!

    Enjoy the next 2 1/2 months!

    (I will be enjoying these last months, also, as soon as the state achievement tests are over for the kids next Wed.)

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