Spring Break!

I am officially on spring break!  I can’t wait to rest, recharge, and read.  🙂

If you are on spring break, what are you planning to read over the next few days?

6 Responses

  1. I am looking in my bookshelves for a sappy chick-lit love story book to read.

  2. I am currently reading Fourth Comings. Thank you so much for mentioning this series! I LOVE it. Especially all the 80’s references (being born in 1973 and all). After that, I plan to read Oddie Cooder by Sarah Weeks. I bought it last week at our State Reading Conference when I met her and I plan to add it to our classroom library. After that, I plan on reading Along Came Spider. Many of my students have read Loser and Tangerine and I think this book will have similar themes. Thanks for a wonderful blog!! I’ve gotten sooo many ideas from you and am thankful that their are other teachers out there like me. 🙂

  3. I’m thoroughly off spring break at this point (almost at the end of the second week back) but while I WAS resting and recharging, I read Whatever It Takes by Paul Tough, about a man named Geoffrey Canada and his efforts to figure out how to get children from poverty on par educationally with children from middle class families. If you’re into urban education, it’s fascinating, and much of it is very inspiring.

  4. My break started early a week ago ( I took a couple of days off). So far I’ve read The Lightning Thief, Readicide, The Book Whisperer, and Stargirl. There’s a lot of reading time when traveling via airplane!

  5. My spring break starts on Monday. I’m finishing the 4th Fablehaven and then starting Winnie’s War.

  6. Yeah for vacation!! I am going to read: Practical Punctuation, Wondrous Words, The View from Saturday (Konigsburg), Touching Spirit Bear (Mikaelsen) and Perfect (Friend)…

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