Slice of Life #31

Thank goodness for lunch time.  I was absolutely starving as I walked into the faculty room.  I walked over to the large, industrial strength refrigerator in the corner and pulled open the door.  The fridge was packed with faculty and staff lunches.  I froze- what bag was my lunch in?

I suddenly couldn’t remember!  Did I pack my lunch in a paper bag this morning?  Or was I reusing a plastic grocery store bag?  And what color was the bag?  

I was starving and surrounded by bags of lunch, yet none of them seemed to be mine.

Then, I saw it!  There, buried in the back, was my bag- carrying a salad, dressing, croutons, and goldfish crackers.  Thank goodness!  I grabbed the bag, made my way to my usual seat at our lunch table, and settled in for a quick 20 minute meal.

One Response

  1. Whew! When you said on the SOLSC page it was about literally losing your lunch, my mind wandered to less wholesome scenes. My friend who teaches kindergarten says people eat half of her lunch quite regularly and then slide it back into the faculty fridge. That would freak me out enough I wouldn’t eat the rest of it.

    Glad you found your lunch. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts–

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