Slice of Life #26

Walking into the copy room this morning to run off a non-fiction article for our reading mini-lesson, I groaned.  The all-too-familiar red light was blinking.  Red=bad.  And the bad can be anything.  Maybe it needs paper.  Or it’s jammed. Or thinks it’s jammed.  Or just wants to stop copying.  Whatever it is, it means a good 5-10 minutes attempting to make the copier work while the clock moves closer and closer to the students arriving.  

As I stood in the small, cramped copy room I contemplated my options.  Should I attempt to figure out what was wrong?  Or should I walk all the way to the other side of the school and wait on line for the only other copier in school.  Where I was sure every other teacher would be.  A quandary that teachers all over the country face everyday.

I decided to take on the copier.  Thanks to my time in the classroom, I feel like I could qualify as a certified copier repairwoman.  Plus, I have long, skinny arms that actually reach into the depths of the copier.


One Response

  1. I had this same problem at ten minutes to eight on Friday morning. Having only ten minutes to spare and arms that can’t quite reach that paper jam without getting doused in ink, I ran upstairs and began to copy what I wanted the machine to copy onto the board. I then had to apologize to my students for the cramp in their fingers that they were about to receive.

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