Slice of Life #25

When my fiance’ said he needed to get gas and run to the drugstore after work, I volunteered to go with him.  But because he was working late, that meant I couldn’t start dinner until almost 8pm.  Because I love American Idol and Lost, that was not going to work for me.

“We can pick up dinner”, my fiance’ texted me.

Hmmm, I thought.  That would be easier.  But where could we pick up dinner cheap and easy?  As I went through the list of local restaurants in my head, I was stumped.  Then I remembered- Ibby’s Falafel! We had gone once, months ago, and loved it.  For some reason, we hadn’t made it back.  As I remembered the falafal and sandwiches we had last time, my mouth began to water.  Definitely.  It was a perfect night for Ibby’s.


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