Teacher’s College Saturday Reunion Notes

On Saturday, I attended the Teacher’s College Reading & Writing project Saturday Reunion.  I went to three sessions, met Richard Peck, saw Sarah Weeks, Avi, Pam Munoz Ryan, and Richard Peck perform reader’s theater, and had an amazing time.  I promised I would upload my notes, and here they are!  I’m still decompressing and reflecting on my own thoughts, but hopefully my notes will help some of you who weren’t able to attend (or who were there, but in different sessions!)


Session 1: Mentor Texts Can Teach Students at Every Stage of the Writing Process: Secure the Help of a Pro to Inspire & Instruct Students as They Rehearse, Draft, Revise, and Edit


Session II: Responding to Ten of the Most Common Issues in Student Writing (Carl Anderson)


Session III: It’s Not Just the Facts: Note-Taking & Idea-Making in the Content Areas   


*I’m using a new document server, Issuu, so let me know if there are any problems.  (Scribd kept trying to convert my handwriting to typing!)

3 Responses

  1. Wow! This is great. You introduced me to Scribd… and now this. What are the benefits of Issu over Scribd? (Would you mind shooting me an email?)

  2. […] Talk, and Write Like Historians” since I’m not up to typing them up quite yet.  I took The Reading Zone’s lead and tried out a new technology, Issuu, for sharing documents.  Please let me know […]

  3. This works for ‘outside’ eyes when the handwriting is clear and printed. It depends on the goal. If the goal is for easy reading by the reader (people like me), this is a really difficult format vs. typing up the notes. However, if the notes never make it into typed versions then this is better then no sharing. I appreciate all your hard work and sharing and sharing and sharing. None of sharing is a given, instead it is a gift. It is not expected, it is a gift. Your notes are mostly easy to read, but not nearly as easy as typing. If you hadn’t asked for an opinion, I would not have given one. I hope that you will hear, that I am saying THANK YOU FOR SHARING. I am greatful. NY is too far for many of us. We love dipping into your trainings.

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