Slice of Life #22

“No!  No! Get the rebound!”  I screamed at the TV as the final seconds counted down.  Three separate NCAA games were ending and I was on the losing end of all three.  My almost-perfect bracket was was about to go up in flames.

Tossing aside my laptop, I moved closer to the screen so I would be able to read the scores in the upper left-hand corner (I have the worst eyesight).  As the seconds ticked down, my heart beat in time with the constant lead changes.  Up and down, the seconds ticked by.  Timeout, out of bounds, whistles, squeaks, passes, shots, misses, fouls….I couldn’t handle it!  

Finally, all three games ended.  My bracket is still intact (minus Marquette), and now I have to wait until Thursday for more basketball!  I love March Madness!!!


2 Responses

  1. Did I read Marquette? I watched the same game here in Columbia, Missouri and cheered the ending. Good Luck with the rest of the brackets.

  2. Make it easy on your eyes .. minimize CBS Sports or ESPN and you’ll have their up-to-the-second scores right on your lap! And the fun begins again tomorrow! Only have 3 Final Four left. Dag on ACC!

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