Slice of Life #17

When the alarm went off this morning, I jumped out of bed.  It’s my favorite holiday- St. Patrick’s Day!

After showering, I went out to the staircase railing and picked up the clothes I had laid out the night before.  To celebrate the holiday, my school had declared it “Green Day”.  I planned to go overboard, however.  Way overboard.  I have to represent for my heritage!  Especially as most of my students claim Italian, German, or French heritage.  

As I started pulling on my outfit, I laughed.  I could already picture my students’ reactions.  They were going to love it!

Denim skirt?  Check

White Gap favorite t?  Check

Green polo shirt?  Check

Black tights with embroidered shamrocks?  Check!

Sequined green shoes? (My version of Dorothy’s ruby red ones)?  Check!

Looking in the mirror, I was very happy with my ensemble.  Irish through and through!  But wait, what was that?  As I turned around,  I thought I saw a flash of skin in the reflection.  I turned my wrist, and there!  I hole in my white shirt!  My brand-new shirt!  It looked like the seam was never done up.  Great.  Glancing at the clock, I saw that I was already supposed to be downstairs, getting ready to leave.  I started to picture all of my basic t-shirts in my head, as I rushed to the bedroom.  What shirt could I change into?  It needed to be long-sleeved and match my Irish outfit.  

As I rifled through the drawer, I saw it.  My orange J. Crew painter’s tee.  Perfect!  I quickly took off the polo, threw the white tee into the hamper, and pulled the orange shirt over my head.  The polo went back on, and I checked myself out in the mirror.  Well, I was certainly in Irish colors now.  And I kinda liked it better than my original outfit!  There would be no doubts about my heritage today!

2 Responses

  1. Out here, in orange-tree land, orange and green are the colors of our groves, and our local high school. Glad to know we’re really part Irish when we put them on.

    I’d love to see a photo of those green sequined shoes. They sound terrific!


  2. How fun! You painted a great picture of what you looked like! I like the touch of orange.

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