Slice of Life #16

I am a TV junkie.  So when I realized today was March 16th and finally time for a new episode of Gossip Girl, I was ecstatic!  All day, I kept reminding myself that I could look forward to a relaxing night with one of my favorite shows.

As 8pm approached, I put aside my Post-it highlighter and my copy of The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child.   I sat in my favorite spot on the couch, wearing my pajamas and my favorite bathrobe.  I propped up the pillows behind me and fumbled for the remote.  Two more minutes!  Inputting the HD channel, I hit the buttons on the remote for 711.  One minute!  Snuggling with the cat I made sure I had my laptop and cell phone, so that I could text my girlfriends as we watched (we love to make snide comments and send them to each other!).  

As the screen flashed to Blake Lively’s picture, I heard the opening lines….”Gossip girl here.”

Yes!  Settled in, I prepared for an hour of pure relaxation and silly, mindless fun.


2 Responses

  1. Nice,
    I was with 24, tomorrow it will be American Idol, Wednesday, Damages, but thanks to Tivo, I can watch them in my leisure, not on their time,

  2. I love Gossip Girl, too. I haven’t watched the new episode yet (I’m a Tivo junky, too), but I’m glad of the reminder that it’s here.

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