Slice of Life #15

While food shopping today, I was very excited because Edy’s ice cream was on sale at Acme for only $1.99 per carton.  Considering the regular price is usually around $6-$7, this was a great deal!  After picking up items at various stores, we made our way to Acme.  On the short drive there, I considered which flavor I wanted to get.  I’m a chocolate gal, so I knew it would be chocolate based.  But I also love peanut butter.  And fudge.  And the crazy flavors!  As I listed possible flavors in my head, my stomach started grumbling.  

We pulled into the parking lot and I still hadn’t made up my mind.  As we made our way to the frozen food aisles, I started getting excited.  There, on the endcap, were the remaining cartons of Edy’s.  I started to browse through them, pulling out the ones I wanted.  First it was chocolate fudge.  Then peanut butter explosion.  Or did I want sherbert?  The endcap freezer had already been rifled through by a lot of customers, so I decided to see if the normal ice cream aisles had any more flavors.

Boy, am I glad I did!  I had assumed that only the “regular” flavors were included in the sale, and not the premium flavors.  The premium flavors are rarely included in sale prices.  But when I opened the freezer doors, I found the Girl Scout cookie flavors with the $1.99 price tag!  Immediately, I grabbed a Thin Mints carton.  But then I saw the Tagalongs carton.  Which one did I want?!  While I debated, my fiance grabbed them both and said, “Just buy both of them.  You know you want them!”  He already had a carton of Strawberry Cheesecake in his hand.  

“You know this means we’ll have to do two separate orders, right? It’s limit two per customer,” I told him, as I balanced my two cartons.  

“I know.  We’ll just pay separately.  No way are you going to be able to decide between Tagalongs and Thin Mints,” he said with a smile.

He was right.  We made our way to the self-checkout and I held the freezing cartons in my arms, very excited about the delicious ice cream I would have for the next couple of weeks!

2 Responses

  1. YUM!! I love the tagalong ice cream…and the thin mint. I would have had to buy both also.

  2. Edy’s ice cream….

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