Slice of Life #11

As I perused the rack of sunglasses at TJMaxx, I was shocked with what I found.  A gorgeous pair of Coach sunglasses……for $15!  I immediately snatched them up, thrilled with my find.  

TJMaxx is one of my favorite stores.  I have to do some digging, but I always find great deals there.  Today, I spent a few minutes exploring the shoe section, housewares, bathing suits, dresses, and women’s clothes.  I ended up leaving with a pair of Coach sunglasses, Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses, and a peacock Vera Bradley 3-ring binder for my new desk.  

Some days I spend 30 minutes digging through the racks at TJMaxx and come up empty-handed.  But today was a great shopping day!  I left the store, bag in hand, thrilled with my purchases.


3 Responses

  1. Sounds like you’re ready for the summer rays!

  2. That store…OY! Sometimes it is like a gold mine with treasure at every corner, and other times it is just a hole in the ground.

  3. i miss TJ Maxx sooo much! Leaving the US was made that much harder because I had to leave TJ Maxx behind… boo hoo.

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