Slice of Life #6

“Do you want to go to TJMaxx and look for shoes after I get home from work tonight?” the text message read.  Hmm, I never like to turn down a shoe-shopping trip.  

“Sure,” I typed back during lunch. “What’s for dinner?”

“I was a Lutheran this morning. I had meat. You still meatless?” was Chris’ response. “Because I want to have Chick-fil-a fir dinner”.

I love Chick-fil-a!  I can’t believe we will be in the same parking lot as our closest store and I won’t even be able to have a chicken sandwich.  Man!  But at least I can shoe shop to my heart’s content.  It may not fill my stomach, but it will make me happy!

I typed back a quick reply. “Sounds good to me. See you after work!”


2 Responses

  1. Did you survive the Chick-Fil-A temptation? I am attempting to give up soda for Lent. Today, the soda machine in the lounge was open as a teacher treat during ISAT testing. So my challenge was to turn down FREE soda! I persevered. I guess it is not supposed to be easy.

  2. We are fasting as well and all I want is a burger. Maybe someday I’ll have the strength to do the true Greek Orthodox fast but for now it’s just no meat until Easter. Thanks for sharing.

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