Ready to Dream by Donna Jo Napoli and Elena Furrow

Ready to Dream by Donna Jo Napoli and Elena Furrow and illustrated by Bronwyn Bancroft is a visually stunning book.  You can not fully appreciate the gorgeous illustrations until you hold it in your hand.  If you have not seen this stunning new picture book, find a copy right now!

Ally is so excited to be going on a month-long trip to Australia with her mother.  She is especially excited to use her artistic talents to draw her adventures in this new land.  When she arrives in Australia she meets Pauline, an Aboriginal artist who shows Ally that art isn’t always made with crayons, markers, paints, or even paper.  And that sometimes what seems like a mistake can lead to new discoveries.  Napoli and her daughter Furrow craft a lovely story about a young girl learning the true meaning of art.  And at times their prose is poetic.  

But the real star here is Bronwynn Bancroft.  An Aboriginal artist and designer herself, she has made this book a masterpiece.  I wish I could frame each and every page.  Her painting of Ally’s plane crossing the ocean is so visually soothing that I want to tear it out, place it above my bed, and stare at it as I drift off to sleep each night.  This book is a fantastic way to introduce Aboriginal art to students.  I can’t wait to share it!

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  1. This looks I great book. I can hardly wait to be in a book store to pick up this beauty!

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