Finishing Chains

Today both classes finished Chains. You could hear a pin drop in the room as I got to the final pages. I ended the experience by placing the final page under the document camera and projecting it onto the whiteboard. Let me tell you, those kids begged for Forge and were devastated to learn it wasn’t even finished being written yet! So Laurie Halse Anderson, you have 35 6th graders who are dying to get their hands on the sequel!

After we finished, we had a great discussion about the events in the novel.  It really made my students think about the differences between the rebels and the British, and what would have happened if the Patriots hadn’t won the war.  Then we discussed the crash of the US Airways and how the ditching occurred in a location that could very well have been where Isabel rowed across the Hudson.  What an amazing connection!  

So we have now finished 2 possible Newberys, with a third read-aloud planned for next week.  And then on January 26th we will all be listening to announcements live!