Readicide by Kelly Gallagher

On January 26th, Kelly Gallagher will be here at TheReadingZone answering your questions!  His newest book, Readicide: How Schools Are Killing Reading and What You Can Do About It, will be released on February 10, 2009. However, thanks to Stenhouse, we can get a sneak peek at the entire book before Kelly stops by!

So here is your assignment: Get reading! I have read the book and it is amazing– count on a review in the next few days. However, now I need you to read the book. This is your chance to pick the brain of Kelly Gallagher….when will you get this chance again?

You don’t need to read the entire book. One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 2: Endangered Minds (beginning on page 27). Gallagher presents a flood of information on the dearth of reading material in our schools and the effects on our kids’ reading. Read it, make notes, and come back here to post your questions! Kelly will be here on January 26th and I can’t wait!

Kelly will be participating in a five-stop blog book tour. Each of the following blogs will post either a Q&A with Kelly, or a review of the book, or will give you the opportunity to submit questions to Kelly. So browse the book and then check out all of these blogs in the coming days and discuss this vitally important topic!

Blog tour dates and stops:

1/20 – A Year of Reading 
1/22 – The Tempered Radical 
1/23 – The Dream Teacher 
1/26 – The Reading Zone 
1/28 – The Book Whisperer < span>

3 Responses

  1. What a fresh look at reading today! As I’m reading I’m thinking how nice it would be to get a copy of this to our President, Secretary of Education, superintendents, and principals!!!! It’s nice to know that the emphasis that I have ALWAYS placed on reading isn’t going to waste.

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  3. At long last someone who understands. As a reading specialist, I have tried to explain that you can and should teach students the basics of reading. Phonemic Awareness and phonics are vital steps to reading. However, they are of no use when taught in isolation. We must have students apply these skills while reading authenic reading materials. Vocabulary, fluency and comprehension hinge on practice. We need to have students reading, reading, and reading some more in order for these areas to be positively affected. Indepth discussions about what we read (not that that we read) have to be included in the school day. Just teaching the program will only result in students who can perform the task using program materials…we are stiffling the growth of our students by not allowing them to expand these skills into everyday reading in copious amounts!

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