The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Bod, or Nobody Owens, lives in the graveyard.  He has been raised by ghosts since the night his parents and sister were murdered in their beds, and he has learned a few tricks of the trade.  He can walk through walls in the graveyard, Fade so that humans can’t see him, and even dreamwalk.  But he can’t leave the graveyard because the man who killed his family is still looking for him.

The Graveyard Book was an awesome book.  It is only the second Gaiman book I have read, but I loved it.  It’s certainly obvious within the first few pages why this book is being batted around as a possible Newbery contender- the story is frightening, the storytelling is complex and gorgeous, and the kid appeal is huge.  The entire book was just creepy, but without giving you nightmares.  I hate horror stories, but I loved this!  And Bod is just a great character, as are all of the ghosts in the graveyard who serve as his surrogate family.

This is a great book that will resonate with boys and girls alike.  It’s creepy, funny, and heartwarming all at once.  I would not be upset at all to see this one walk away with a medal on January 26th!