Writing in Script

Do your students struggle to write in cursive?  Is it a huge chore for them to write in script instead of printing?  I know my 6th graders not only hate script, but struggle with the script alphabet at times.  I’m interested to see this is a nation-wide issue.

3 Responses

  1. It’s not a huge chore for most of my students. Some of them struggle, some excel, most choose print for most of what they do. I have them practice cursive pretty regularly but it is hit and miss in most schools. My daughter didn’t learn to write well in cursive in 3rd grade and her next two teachers don’t work on it much. My son is learning it in 3rd grade this year but I think it will be dropped in the future. Sigh.

  2. I’m a high school senior. The vast majority of my classmates don’t write in cursive (I do), but on the SAT, there is a section where you have to copy out a statement saying you’ll follow the rules (like no helping, no sharing test questions), and sign it. You have to copy it in cursive, and some people have so much trouble with it! It takes them ages to write it out, and it’s just one or two sentences. However–that’s the only time I’ve ever actually needed to write cursive, so maybe it’s not such a necessary skill.

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