Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie!

Thanks to Betsy Bird for passing this news on!

There will be a Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie!  “Director Thor Freudenthal (Hotel for Dogs) will direct the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid for Fox 2000, which is slated for a 2010 release, per The Hollywood Reporter. The movie is based on author Jeff Kinney’s eponymous book for kids/tweens 9-12.”


Well, I know a lot of kids who are going to be very excited about this news!!

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  1. I have read the first and second book!I can’t wait for the book I think it’s going to be awsome!



  3. amazing

  4. i already tried out, Im in the movie

  5. I have read all the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books and I cant wait for the movie

  6. do you guys know where I can try out for this movie? or any movie in fact???

  7. to try out for the movie, go to iamthewimpykid.com

  8. i bet whoever gets to be the wimpy kid will have maybe the hardest time… but good luck to ya!

  9. I can’t wait until the movie of Diary of a Wimpy Kid!!!!

  10. Jeez a movie i have the books 1,2,3, there awesome i cant wait for the movie and number 4,5 to come out

  11. I just wrote yesterday on my Blog about the release of the 4th book. My Tween (12 going on 19) daughter loved the first 3 books and has been all over me about getting the 4th. She is normally not a huge reader but LOVED these books! Told her about the movie and she started searching Google about it!

  12. Nice article, i recently came across your blog and have been reading along.. Thanks

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  13. I saw the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trailer and it “Rocks”! This is so funny and I like how they mixed in the cartoon characters with the real live actors. The kid who plays Greg Heffley is wonderful.

    If the movie is anything like the trailer, this is going to be a big hit. The books are great and now the movie will be great!

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