Writing to Persuade by Karen Caine

At last month’s TC Saturday Reunion, I noticed that one of the TC staff developers listed in the schedule packet had a new book, Writing to Persuade: Minilessons to Help Students Plan, Draft, and Revise, Grades 3-8. I am always looking to improve my persuasive writing unit of study, because it is tested on the state test in sixth grade.  And really, anything written by TC staff developers immediately goes on my wishlist because I have had such a great experience with all the books I have read by them!

I came home that day and placed an order for Karen Caine’s book.  Of course, Amazon did delay it a few days from it’s initial publication, but I got my copy last week and it is wonderful!  Anyone who teaches persuasive writing NEEDS this book.  It is full of mini-lessons and mini-lesson ideas for persuasive writing at all levels and in different genres.  You can use the book to supplement your own unit of study or to help you create a persuasive unit for the firs time.  The mini-lessons are easy to implement and perfect for grades 3-8.  I am already planning to use some of them this week in reading, to introduce my students to good persuasive writing.  Oh, and the best part?  It comes with an appendix chock full of resources!  Finding good real-life examples of persuasive writing can be difficult, but Karen Caine has swooped in to the rescue.

If you teach persuasive writing or want to teach it in any way, get your hands on this book!

5 Responses

  1. Does it cover the persuasive letter genre?

  2. It does! It has persuasive letters, editorials, political cartoons, standardized test prompt writing, and more. 🙂

  3. I’m getting a copy, and I’m letting our 5th grade teachers know about this!

  4. Amazing find!! We do a huge focus study on persuasive writing in 5th grade in my district. Sounds like this is a “must get” book!!!!

    Thanks for finding it and sharing it with us!!

  5. I got this book a few weeks ago and really love it!! Just a tip, order it from Heinemann, mine came before Amazon was able to ship!

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