Parent-Teacher Conferences

We had Parent-Teacher Conferences this week and they went well.  But the most amazing part?  99% of my parents told me that their children have never enjoyed reading as much as they are this year!  How awesome is that?  One parent even asked me to talk to her daughter, because she is refusing to do her homework.  Instead, she is reading Twilight.  Her mom didn’t know what to do, because she wants her to read but she also has to do her homework. Haha!  I did speak to her daughter today, and I think we straightened her out.  But how awesome is that?!

3 Responses

  1. That is so awesome! Congrats.

  2. I must send a thank you note to Stephenie Meyer for “connecting” the youths through her talent. Twilight has given our youths a connection and character don’t have to be a “hottie” to be loved and/or the struggle of good and evil and in the end the “good” always wins.
    This blog/site is one of the most informative blog I’ve stumbled into and thank you as well for all your efforts.

  3. COOL!

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